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At the moment, many studies and investigations exist that demonstrate that the olive oil consumption has very positive effects for our health.

It improves the cardiovascular health and aid to prevent the thrombosis, favours the digestion and journey intestinal preventing the appearance of biliary calculations and ulcers. Also it has special interest in the prevention of the aging phenomena.

The beneficial effects on the health of the olive oil are mainly due to its major component, the oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, and to its high content in antirust substances, like the vitamin E and the Poliphenols.

The oleic acid aids to reduce lipoproteins of low density LDL, or bad cholesterol, without affecting to the HDL or good cholesterol, reason why these, used of habitual form, help us to regulate the cholesterol levels.

The antirust ones (Vitamin E, phenols compounds) help to prevent the damage caused by the free radicals to corporal weaves. The free radicals have been related to diseases of heart, cancer and aging.

The antirust ones also play an important role in the arteries. The lipoproteins of low density LDL, or bad cholesterol, are really injurious when they oxidize, since it forms a plate that is accumulated and increased the possibilities of blocking an artery. The antirust ones help to that the oxidation does not take place.